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Our Story

Childhood dreams, passion for sailing and love for nature – These are the things all our team members are passionate about. This is where the story began.


A dream should not be just a distant and unattainable thing. A dream is something that you work hard for. Sometimes the dream escapes further, sometimes it can be left aside, but when you have the energy to believe in your own dream, you inevitably start to do things for it and eventually it is achieved. It’s never too late to start dreaming. The dream is made to be realized.

Passion for sailing

It’s certainly something that unites the entire crew. The passion for sailing in the Atlantic and Southern Oceans is common to those who have already been there and those who have not yet. For some, the passion is sailing around the globe. For others, passion is the peace created by the sea. For others, getting into the club of Cape Horners. What they have in common, however, is the passion to get out to sea at one of the most legendary sailing races in the world.

Love for nature

The seas still represent a large and unknown nature. At sea, you can experience the power of nature at its wildest or see a mighty sunrise in the morning watch as the boat sails peacefully towards the next destination. Dolphins, whales and albatrosses of the Southern Oceans are certainly memorable sights. The night starlit skies are something you don’t experience anywhere but at the pitch-dark equator. In the Southern Oceans, we can experience the sea and nature as they were millions of years ago without man. Nature was here before us and will remain after us.

Our team consists of individuals with different skills and experience and together we are a strong team. Team spirit and Finnish SISU are our strengths and our goal is clear WIN THE RACE.

‘SISU is a national character for Finns, described as stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness.’

Building a winning team requires hard work. In addition to weekly physical training sessions our program includes eg. navigation and safety courses, health checks and mental training. Sundays are spent refurbishing the boat, Thursdays evenings training together and sometimes you can find us having dinner or a couple of drinks.

This adventure develops valuable characteristics that cannot be learnt in a classroom, or from a book. Characteristics like risk assessment, value judgment, confidence and the ability to communicate.

But it’s not only about us, we also have very strong support from our families and they bring their own contribution to our project daily. Together we are stronger.